How to Take a Lock off a Door

Have you ever wondered how to take a lock off a door? You may need to take a lock off a door for several reasons such as changing the combination of the lock to keep unwanted visitors out or taking the lock off so the door can be painted. Today we’re showing you how to easily do this in the below how-to video:

Video Transcription

The next lesson we’re going to have is getting off an entrance set.

Probably 90% of Australian households have got locks similar to this. Some have got your screws, exposed screws here, so obviously, you just pop your screwdriver in there, whip that off, and that’s done. You can use a smaller screwdriver if you like.

That’s it, you can take that into the locksmith’s shop, take that down. If you do have a key for it, you can and you do need to have the key for it, to get this off. You can turn that in the unlocked position, put your little tool in there, and pop that off. All that is, is a pointy end, to push down on this retainer in here. That’s all that holds this handle on. All right so that’s it.

The second one is a bit more complicated and a bit trickier. It is a lock that’s got concealed fixing, or there’s a plate over the screws, like this one. More of a commercial type lock.

So how you get it off? Same thing, there’s a hole there, where you push our little tool in here, pop that off, there’s a plate here, or a rose. Turn that, twist that off, and we’ve got our exposed screws here now.

So we take that off and that’s it. But if you do have the keys for it, it’ll save you taking the whole thing off. You do the same thing again, as we did with the other entrance set. I’ll just push down on that little retainer, that key needs to be in the unlocked position to get the knob off, otherwise, it won’t work. And that’s it, lesson two done. Thank you.

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