“Saving money” on a Locksmith in Perth: Is it worth the risk?

You’re locked out of the house or car and you need an emergency locksmith service, and you want to do it as inexpensively as possibly. Or you’re replacing or installing new door locks, window locks, electronic security, a safe, vault, key garage or cash box, and you don’t want to spend too much.

Among your choices, there’s a “locksmith” that seems cheaper than anyone else, and it looks like a great deal.

Stop and think about what you’re really risking here

Those “dirt cheap, no worries” locksmiths are almost certainly not members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) – and that’s a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore.

Because when you engage any locksmith, you’re giving them access to your home, business or car, and everything in them. Is it really worth risking all that for a saving of a few dollars?

Regrettably, some non-MLAA “locksmiths” are actually scammers who use your trust to gain access to your life and valuables. Many are honest, but lack the training, competence, tools or equipment to do the job properly.

Master Locksmiths

A Master Locksmith brings with them your guarantee of quality, integrity, reliability and value.

To join the MLAA and become a Master Locksmith requires that the tradesperson involved and the company they work for meet strict standards on many levels.

Integrity – to be accepted as a Master Locksmith, every applicant must undergo a Police Check, and agree to abide by the Master Locksmith’s Code of Ethics (see below).

Quality – being a Master Locksmith means that the person attending to your needs is trained and experienced in the work being carried out and has the right tools and equipment for the job.

Value – recommending the right products for the job, installing them correctly and without damage, and cleaning up afterwards, ensure that you don’t keep paying. If there are any problems at all, your Master Locksmith will deal with you honestly and fairly.

Reputation – you can be sure that you are dealing with reputable people who meet all the MLAA’s standards, including:

  • Having the training, tools and experience to do the job correctly and without doing any damage.
  • Complete insurance coverage, including personal liability and professional indemnity.
  • Authority to issue, install and maintain restricted keying systems.
  • ASIC registration.
  • Access to the highest quality products for whatever lock or security you need.
  • Accountability and after sales service.

At first glance, it may seem like choosing a Master Locksmith will cost you a little more. But think about it and you’ll agree, the peace of mind and durable quality Master Locksmiths provide really is the best investment you can make.

Lock, Stock and Farrell, a Western Australian family owned and operated company with over 20 years of local experience, is proudly a member of the MLAA, and all lead Locksmiths employed are qualified as Master Locksmiths.

Master Locksmiths Code of Ethics

The MLAA’s Code of Ethics sets out standards of conduct to be observed by Business Members of the Association. Its purpose is to commit Members to uphold and enhance the honour, integrity and reputation of their profession.

The guiding principles of the Code of Ethics:

  1. In conducting their professional activities, the welfare and security of the community shall come before Members’ responsibility to the Association, the profession or to other Members.
  2. Members shall act in an ethical manner so as to uphold the honesty, honour, integrity, and reputation of the profession.
  3. Members shall comply with both the spirit and the letter of or relevant laws and regulations of the Commonwealth, States, and Territories, New Zealand and other jurisdictions in which they conduct business.
  4. Members and their employees shall only perform work in their areas of competence.
  5. Members shall build their reputation on merit and shall not compete unfairly.
  6. Members shall apply their skill and knowledge in the interests of their clients or employers for whom they act in professional matters.
  7. Members shall give advice, express opinions or make statements in an objective and truthful manner and on the basis of adequate knowledge.

If you’d like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Lock, Stock & Farrell today.

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