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One of our most popular services at Lock, Stock & Farrell is rekeying locks in Perth homes. When we rekey your locks we change the existing coding in your locks to different sizes and provide you with new keys. Once this is done, no previous keys will work in those locks.

Our customers reach out to us to rekey their locks for increased security reasons and also to consolidate the amount of keys they need for their home. When you rekey your house locks, you can use the same key to lock and unlock everything rather than using a bunch of different keys.


Plus it’s a lot cheaper to rekey rather than to replace locks.

We recommend rekeying your locks when:

  • You purchase a new home
  • You lose your keys
  • After a break-in
  • If you have faulty or broken locks
  • To standardise all locks to work with the same key
  • Change of residents (e.g. a partner or housemate moves out)

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How long does it take to rekey a lock?

It only takes our expert locksmiths approximately 15 minutes to rekey a lock. Once we have rekeyed all the locks in your house we can then cut you new keys. This can be all done onsite via our mobile locksmith vans.

How much is it to rekey a lock?

Single sided locks (key lockable from one side only) are $30 per lock to rekey and double sided locks (key lockable from inside and outside) are $40 each to rekey. Cutting new keys is an additional $7.50 per key.

Our service callout fee is $95.

Can all of my locks be keyed alike (same key for all locks)?

If the profile is the same- yes. This can be checked by taking one of your keys and sliding it into the other locks you have. If it slides in we can key them alike.

Will my old/current keys work once it has been rekeyed?

No, your old keys will no longer work if you rekey the lock.

Should I replace my lock or rekey if my keys are stolen?

If the locks aren’t damaged or broken then we suggest you rekey the locks. This is much more cost effective than replacing the locks and just as effective as you will still have a new key and the other keys won’t work.

What do our customers say?

Finally, after dealing with so many trades on two investment properties in the last few weeks, a trade that was easy, reliable and just incredible. LSF didn't try to up sell me the world, they serviced instead of replace where possible, were prompt and arrived as they said they would and all in all it was just fantastic dealing with them from the first call to the final payment. Thank you
John Grohovaz
John Grohovaz
06:52 11 Nov 19
was very impressed with the efficient and friendly service I received when I went into Lock, Stock & Farrell would highly recommend this family business for any locksmith needs! Thanks guys
Ben Fairbairn
Ben Fairbairn
00:56 03 Sep 19
I’ve used this company a few times now. I have found them to be prompt, reliable,friendly, and their work very professional. The most recent time was after my house was broken into, and I needed my locks changed. Had to call them back again in the same day, and it was no trouble for them. I highly recommend them.
Fiona Liew
Fiona Liew
09:08 28 Jun 19
Great service and excellent pricing, would fully recommend
Taryn Davies
Taryn Davies
07:41 17 Jul 18

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What should you do if you want your locks rekeyed?

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