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Mine Site Truck - Locksmith ServicesWhen it comes to providing security systems, safety products, and maintenance for the mining industry, Lock, Stock & Farrell leads the Western Australian locksmith industry.

We offer:

      • Mining project experience that translates to enhanced security: With an expert team who has worked with many of the finest mining companies and contractors in Western Australia, we can provide your village or mine with state-of-the art safety locks and security solutions.
      • Security solutions customised to each mine site: Your mine sites contain valuable materials and equipment both on-site and in your offices. You therefore need a customised high-security system which will protect all of your assets with high-tech locks, access control, isolation padlock keys, and a master key system that works no matter what the conditions. Our systems range from basic inline security to High Security locks which can cope with the harshest of environments.
      • Mine sites and security consultancy: We will travel to your site and complete a detailed survey which involves a comprehensive assessment of the site. We will take the time to gain a full understanding of your requirements, and from there design an efficient security system which is best suited to your site’s unique needs. We will also talk you through our security recommendations and provide detailed information on our master key systems.
      • Enjoy complete control and peace of mind with cutting-edge security updates: If your security system hasn’t had an update in a few years, we can inspect your system and recommend the changes you need to bring it up to speed. We even have digital locks, which you and selected employees can access with a swipe card or a PIN.
      • Top-quality security: Keep your mine current with the latest mining industry best practices for security and safety. With their many years of experience with the mining industry and other commercial applications, our expert locksmiths have a grasp on what it takes to meet all the strict protocols, procedures, and standards.
      • Compliance with OH&S (WHS): Government safety codes of practice and High-security lock system for a mine siteregulations require your mine to ensure the safety of not only your employees, but also visitors, contractors, customers, and anyone else who may visit your site. With a Lock, Stock, and Farrell system, you can restrict access to dangerous areas to reduce safety risks for unauthorised staff members or guests. Make sure that only authorised personnel with the proper training can gain access to dangerous areas such as mining sites, production areas, or workshops.
      • Software support for master key systems: With our restricted key systems, we provide the software that can keep records of which employees have each key, as well as which areas each key can access. Need to know entrance and exit times? Our security software is up to the task.
      • Round-the-clock service: We provide mines and mining villages with emergency and after-hours locksmith services, in addition to our regular service during the daytime. We have mobile locksmiths that will come out to your location, no matter how remote.

With years of experience, and leading-edge security solutions for the Western Australia mining industry, it simply pays to put your security in the dependable hands of the expert locksmiths at Lock, Stock, & Farrell. For a custom security assessment on your site, call us today on (08) 6350 8500.




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