How to Take a Deadbolt off a Door

You may need to remove a deadbolt off a door for a number of reasons such as changing the combination of the lock to keep unwanted visitors out or taking the lock off so the door can be painted. Check out our latest video on how to easily remove your deadlock:

Video Transcription

G’day and welcome to Lock, Stock and Farrell Locksmiths. We understand there are people out there that wonder how to get locks off doors. Well, we can help you out with that, with getting them off, but also putting them back on.

This would be for circumstances like you’ve lost the keys to a lock and you just want a key made for it without needing to call out a locksmith to your house. 90% of deadbolts in Australia look like this. So sometimes there are little caps there, that conceal the allen screws. What you normally do is just pop them things off with a fine screwdriver, and behind this here, in this cavity is an allen screw.

What we’re going to do now is take that one off, and unscrew that one, and there you have it. Okay, so those screws just go there. What I’ve done, I’ve cut down an allen key and I’ve just put it in the chuck of my drill driver. So, you take that out, take it to a locksmith, and they can make a key up for it, or re-key it.

So, putting it back on, you’ll notice that there’s play either side. So with this one, we want it right in the middle of the play, so it’s at 12 o’clock here. So I’ll put this one on first because it’s got the screws. Put that on there like that, into the latch, you see it in there, and what I’d normally do is pull these screws out, just so you’ve got something to play with, something to hold on to, and then put this one in. So this one will go horizontal, so that’ll go like that, go into here, push the screws back, slot the little fella in there. Pop your drill driver in, you do need to have three hands with this, but you can do it with two. So just do that about halfway.

There you go, and that’s it, all done. That’s your deadbolt off and back on the door.

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