Gainsborough Lock Stuck? How to DIY Trilock Spring Replacement

Is your Gainsborough Trilock door not locking and latching? It is a pretty common problem when you find the lock is not springing back and it can easily be fixed with a new spring in less than 5 minutes. Watch our video or read the transcription below to learn how:

How to replace a Gainsborough Trilock Spring (video transcription):

Hi guys, Sam from Lock, Stock & Farrell Locksmiths here. Here we have a Gainsborough Trilock, which is one of the most common residential locks here in Western Australia. And the problem that we’re having is the door is not locking and is not latching – it’s a pretty common problem.

So what we’ve got here is the latch is not springing back out. So nine times out of 10, that’s a simple latch spring in there. Now we have them made, especially to order and we can replace them for you.

But today we’re also going to show you how to replace it yourself.

So I have John with me and John is going to show you how to replace the Gainsborough Trilock spring.

Step 1:

So first we start by removing the face plate on here. And it’s just two simple screws.

Step 2:

Now for this next part, you do need to use the key as well. So you’ll want to put the key in the lock and turn it until you can sort of feel the friction point. And even if the latch doesn’t come out, you may be able to either pull it out or give it a bit of a bump.

Step 3:

And then once you’ve got it, you keep turning it and you’ll be able to just pull it out like that. So right down here, that’s where the spring is, in that pin there. The majority of the time, it’s just broken somewhere in the middle and manages to twist into itself. So it’s really easy to see it as well, right there in the middle.

So see how the top part of it is all spring, and the bottom part has wound itself back into itself.

Step 4:

Now we have these replacement Springs here. These are the correct length and they fit perfectly back where they should. And it’s very straightforward. You just pop it back on and then do everything in reverse. So the only thing to take note about is which way you put the latch back in. If you put it in the wrong way, it won’t actually go back in.

Now when you’re putting it in there, you then have to turn the key again, but in the opposite direction, find the friction point again, eventually it will grab it. You just need to make sure that you don’t have the latch twisted. You want it to be sort of nice and flat the same way it came out. And it can be tricky to get this sometimes.

Now it’s in there, you can take the key out. And then we’re going to put the face plate back on.

I’d be careful not to over tighten these screws as well. Because they do have a habit of trying to pull the face plate in a bit too far.

If you have a question, or would like our team to install a spring replacement for you, please contact us today.

How much does a Trilock Spring Replacement cost?

The springs are $15 (SP/007) each and you can pick these up directly from our store in Cannington or we can post them out to you. Call or email our friendly Lock Stock team to find out prices for postage.




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