5 Benefits of Introducing a Keyless System to Your Business

Building a business takes time, money and a hell of a lot of effort. So as one of your biggest investments – it pays to keep the premises protected. Each year security systems and measures should be reviewed and updated to ensure your hard earned investment is being looked after. And equipping the business with keyless entry is a practical and safe way to boost security to the next level.

Creating a reliable access control system for a business can sound like a complicated process. Employee tracking for entry and exit times in the workplace and building and managing a keyless entry system overall can be a big task for the time-strained boss. But the benefits are undeniable. And having an access control system that’s professionally installed and monitored with keyless entry devices can easily adapt to the security needs of your business and offer a higher – and necessary – level of protection.

1. Higher Level of Security

The most important and foremost reason business owners invest in a keyless system is the security boost. Despite door locks coming a long way over the years, security is always a massive concern. Standard door locks – as tough and as secure as they can be – involve standard keys, and these keys are often misplaced, copied and handed around to relevant people.

Keyless locks don’t have this problem. Offering more security overall, no staff will be relying on a physical key to gain entry into the building. Physical keys can be problematic if they get into the hands of the wrong people and an additional copy has been made. Whilst the passcode of keyless entry can still be given out or forgotten by employees, keyless system alerts and monitoring make the security measure tactical for commercial properties.

2. Reduced Risks

As the level of security is risen, business owners will see risks within the company reduce significantly. From internal theft, breach of information, violence and protecting staff, it’s imperative to be on the ball when it comes to potential business risks. Introducing a keyless system to the business is a probable way to minimise risks within the workplace and promote a safer and more practical environment.

For staff, the need to carry physical copies of workplace keys is eliminated. This kills the risk of losing keys or having keys stolen off you, and the hassle of fidgeting doors or finding keys to enter and exit the building. With the benefits of keyless entry, you’re in a better position to prevent security issues before they happen.

3. Discrete Entry for Multiple People

Convenience and practicality is big with keyless entry. Apart from the extra layer of security, the benefits of these security systems provide entry to the premises for multiple employees at your own discretion. You won’t need to make copies of keys for all relevant staff to have access, you’ll simply need to tell them the code.

Once the keyless security system is in place, you’re able to see exactly who has attempted to access the business premises, at what time and what entry / exit point. This offers valuable insight into how secure the business is too, and can be extremely helpful into assessing security measures for the future.

4. A Controlled and Monitored Solution

With the tracking systems in place, a controlled and monitored security solution is encouraged for your business. This allows you to track the hours of operation between employees and monitor the actions of everyone at the commercial premises. Whilst different keyless systems offer various ways to obtain access into a building, all have a controlled monitoring method. This enables you to track entry and exit times, change and delete permissions for locking certain doors outside of business hours and having a police or security service in place for emergencies.

5. Eliminated Costs

Although the initial cost of setting up a reliable keyless entry system can be high, the investment pays off very quickly. Without the need for spare keys or replacing keys when staff misplace them, loose them or need extras cut, these unnecessary costs begin to get eliminated. Hiring a locksmith to replace locks and reissue new keys after a security breach can be a costly situation. Through the use of convenient keyless entry solutions, business owners can eliminate these potential costs too.





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