7 Security Measures for Your Home in 2018

According to the Western Australian Police Force, around 36,397 crimes against property have occurred during the 2017-18 YTD period. While this is a five percent reduction based on the 55-yearaverage, those living in Perth still face a significant risk of burglary. If you want to keep your home safe, here are seven home security measures you … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Locksmith Rekey Your Home ASAP

Rekeying a lock involves changing the existing coding in your locks to different sizes, providing a new key and preventing any previous keys from working in the lock. While some homeowners may think to replace the locks on their home is the best way to increase security, rekeying is a completely safe option and usually … Read more

Why You Should Change the Locks on Your House Today

So you’ve bought a new house or you’re ready to move in, and you’re excited to get in and set up – but wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, you’ve signed the papers, everything is settled, paid, and packed up. You have the keys to your new beauty, what’s the wait? Who else have keys … Read more

Cheap (or Free) Home Security Tips

Home Security App

  Some of the smartest ways to protect your home are also the simplest. Below are ideas that don’t cost a lot of cents but when it comes to home security they make plenty of sense. Most Burglars Want to Avoid Interaction Generally, people looking to steal and fence your valuables aren’t interested in running … Read more




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