Second Hand Safes

Second hand safes are a great way to protect your valuables and grab a great deal at the same time. All the used safes we sell at our locksmith shop in Cannington are high quality and are approved by our Master Locksmith team.

If you purchase a second-hand safe through Lock, Stock and Farrell we will provide you with a 12-month warranty as we only sell used safes which have been maintained and looked after. We always recommend to all our safe customers that maintaining your safe will avoid depreciation and ultimately grab you a better resale value if you wish to sell your safe down the track.

Whether you buy from us or someone else, we recommend asking the following questions when buying a second-hand safe in Perth:

  • Has the safe been maintained?
  • Does the locking mechanism operate well?
  • Are all the parts present and in working order?
  • Is there any sign of damage, impact or mistreatment?
  • Does the safe come with a warranty?

Our team can also deliver and help install your safe with prices starting from $129.

Please contact us directly to find out on current stock of pre-owned safes and let us know your requirements. Stock levels constantly change on these ones.

At Lock, Stock & Farrell we also offer assistance with any current safes you may have (in a commercial or residential property) that you don’t want or don’t have a working key or combination to. We can open or remove the safe from your premise. Prices for these services are subject to the quality, size and location of the safe.

Please Note:
As stock levels constantly chance on Second Hand Safes, please give us a call at the store to find out on what is currently available: Phone (08) 6350 8500

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