What to do when you lose your keys for a filing cabinet?

Lost Cabinet Keys

Many a offices in Perth have staff filing cabinets that are locked and have no keys available, usually an employee has left and the keys were not returned or have been lost. Here are a few tips to help if there are no keys, all is not lost!

1. Most cabinets have a code stamped on them and from that code a good Locksmith can cut a key from that code. There are several manufactures of Locker locks and the most popular in Perth Western Australia is Lock Focus, there are also numerous other brands that can also be decoded. It also helps the Locksmith if you send a photo of the cabinet lock as they can determine what brand of lock it is.

The cost for a key to made and posted out is around the $25.00 mark and would generally take Lock, Stock & Farrell Locksmith 1 to 2 days to manufacture the key and posted.

2.  If the Cabinet or locker has no code then it is a job for a Locksmith to open and make keys to suit which will be a more costly exercise. The cost of this in Perth Western Australia would range from $120-$160 for the call out, labour and key.

3. Call Lock, Stock & Farrell Locksmith on 6350 8500 for prompt service if the cabinet needs to be opened ungently as we are available 7 Days a week and cover the Perth Metro area.




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