9 Surf Camp Travel Security Tips

Surf Safe and Plan

How do you feel when you are out surfing and a niggling thought comes to mind:

Is my car secure, did I lock the car, did someone watch me plant the key in the bush, or is it visible, who is that who has sat next to my towel where my keys are buried, or who is that looking into my vehicle“?

As a Locksmith company, we have assisted many surfers who have lost their keys in the sand, had their keys stolen from under the wheel arch etc.

We believe we have some good tips so you can have a stress free surf and enjoy the waves the way they should be enjoyed!

1. Always get insurance.

Nothing worse than planning for years and eventually travelling to some exotic wave frenzied destination with some good mates only to eat it on your first session in a remote place.

Not only are you in pain and suffering but if not properly insured you can be a huge drain on your mates if they have to carry your sorry butt out of the jungle and travel with you to the nearest medical facility and then get nailed with some hefty medical bills.

Travel Insurance
Reef cuts can slow you down and if infected can put a end to a dream surf trip.

2.  Don’t hide your keys where they could be found!

have been on the receiving end of someone watching me while I stashed my keys under the bumper of my faded Yellow 1980 model Datsun Sunny (4 speed, 1200cc, Muscle Car).

After surfing very good Kirra Point, I came back into the car park to drive home and realised (after some time) that someone had actually stolen the “SUNNY“. Bugger!

It was a weird feeling knowing that it actually got stolen as it was one of the most Unattractive Cars ever made behind the Leyland P76. After recruiting some help “SUNNY” was found 1 hour later at the Kirra Pub 5 minutes down the road :0). All my house keys, motorbike keys, work keys were missing though as I left the bunch under the bumper and then had to re-key all the locks at home and work.

Datsun Sunny Car

3.  Take your own Lock & Key

From securing your surfboard bag in transit to your bungalow in the surf camp.

I have discovered 2 or 3 small padlocks (Between 25-40mm body and 6mm shackle thickness) and a Euro cylinder keyed alike will do the trick for most doors in South East Asia.

Installing the Euro Cylinder is quite a simple task, all you need is a screwdriver to unscrew the screw holding the Euro cylinder in the lock, you may need the key if the cam is offset and turn it so the cam is flush with the lock body. Slide the old cylinder out of the lock and slide the new one in and your on a winner.

Ask your local Locksmith for a quote.

Padlock and Euro Cylinder
These are 2 handy editions to keep your valuables safe and easy to install.

4. Pay a bit more for a Security Key & Cylinders.

Tricky thieves can be good at “picking” or “bumping” simple locks and entering into your dwelling unnoticed but if you up the anti to Bump Proof and Pick resistant cylinders you are one step ahead. You can enjoy your surf that much more knowing your gear is safe and secure.

Safe Travel Destination
Indonesia somewhere, any guesses where?

5. Lock your Key in a Digital Key Locker

If you don’t like the idea of having your key blade on you then purchase an ABUS key locker and leave it in there. They can be hooked onto your tow hitch, wheels or anywhere the shackle can loop into. View our ABUS key lockers here.

6. What to do If no Safe in the camp.

On a recent surf trip to Sumatra the Bungalows we were staying in had no safe, so what do you do with your passports and travel documents….hide them under the mattress/pillow??

I did the next best thing and locked our valuables inside our board bag inside our room, the room was locked and our documents were locked secure inside an inside pocket of the Board bag that was under my bed.

I have since discovered the handy security addition called a Go-Locker that has a cable that can lock around a fixed object, this would be ideal to store your cash passport and other valuables

On the Go Locker
The perfect addition for a remote camp that has no safe, put your valuables in here.

7. Hide all your other keys and valuables INSIDE the Car

Why give the thieves anything, if they do break into your car by smashing the window (because they won’t be able to find your keys anymore) or some other way, make it as hard as possible for them to take your car keys, the longer they are searching for your keys the more risk for them to be caught.

Do NOT leave valuables in view! 

This is a no brainer. Hide anything of Value, Wallets, Phones, Wetsuits, Surfboards are all like pretty Girls to thieves and they cant resist getting a hold of them even though they belong to you!

8. Leave the key on you.

Have your key on you and when in the water. A good spot for your key is on your leg rope or looped in your boardies or wetsuit pocket.

Nearly all car keys these days have Transponder chips and remotes programmed into them and they DO NOT like water. The smart option is to have the key blade cut and use this to lock and unlock your car.  Lock, Stock & Farrell can cut these blades from as little as $7.95 for a standard key and up to $29.50 for a milled out 2-4 track key.

9. Back up plan.

Have a mate with the second key.

Have a copy of your passport to use as ID while your real passport is locked away.

Have a itinerary sent to your closest family and friends so they know your movements and can track your whereabouts.

Freely enjoy the dream of a lifetime, surfing perfect waves with some of your closest MATES hooting as you emerge from misty barrels.

Destination Approved
Every surfer can enjoy waves like this, jump on that plane and plan safe.




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