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Are you looking for the most secure safe at the best price to protect your valuables?

When you’re in the market for a safe, it’s worth considering both new and used safes. As your local Perth locksmith, we thought we’d share some tricks of the trade when it comes to safe shopping.

Second-hand safes are usually available at reduced prices which may cause you to jump to conclusions and assume that makes them less safe. This isn’t the case. Below is a list of both advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a new safe compared to a second hand safe.

New Safes

Whether you are looking for a secure safe for home or business, you usually believe a brand new safe is the best option. Although they have some stand out advantages, they also have a few disadvantages compared to purchasing a second hand safe.


Mint Condition

Brand new safes come in mint condition with no damage to the interior or exterior. Not only do they usually look better, you often feel safer knowing you are the first owner with no chance of tampering.

Advanced Features

As technology advances throughout time, it usually leads to some great security enhancements in a range of newer safes. Whereas many of the much older safes can only withstand light tools, newer safes today can handle some of the most advanced safe breaking tools.

Purchasing a new safe also means you can have it customised. Customising your safe to suit your specific requirements is a huge benefit. If you need a safe made to a unique size, shape and design, purchasing a new safe is usually the only option.


Some new safes come with a manufacturer 5-year structural warranty. These long-term warranties give you the peace of mind that your safe will live up to its strong reputation.


Higher Cost

Quite obviously, purchasing a brand new safe will be paired with a much higher price-tag. If you need a particular size or quality of safe but your budget doesn’t allow it, it may be best to look at purchasing a second hand safe.


Just like purchasing a new car, your new safe won’t hold it’s value. The worth of your safe quickly depreciates as soon as you take it out of the store. If you aren’t planning on having a safe long-term, it may be worth investing in a cheaper second-hand model.

Second Hand Safes

You may have the impression that second-hand safes are of lower quality than newer ones. But the fact is, professional locksmiths would not sell them if they didn’t believe they were still of high-quality. Here are some stand out advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a second hand safe.


Competitive Pricing

One of the main reasons customers purchase a second-hand safe is, of course, due to the lower price. You can save a large sum of money by purchasing a safe that is only a few years old and there’s a chance the manufacturer’s warranty may still be active.

Avoid Depreciation

If you maintain your second hand safe, it will hold its value much better than if you were to purchase a new one. At a lower purchase price with a better resale value, you can end up saving a lot of money throughout the life of your safe.

Lock, Stock & Farrell Second Hand Safe Warranty

If you purchase a second-hand safe from Lock, Stock & Farrell, we provide you with a 12-month warranty*. This warranty allows you to feel secure with your purchase, knowing Perth’s top locksmiths assure the quality of your safe.


Quality Is Not Assured If You’re Not Buying from A Company

Purchasing a second-hand safe from a person rather than a business can be very risky and could lead to a variety of problems down the track. Unless you are an educated locksmith, you may miss signs of wear and tear or possible tampering. So be careful when shopping around on places like Gumtree or eBay.

Lack of Customisation

Purchasing a new safe often means you have a real lack of customisation available. Once a safe has been built a particular way, it is harder to modify it. Keep this in mind if you need a safe made to unique requirements.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Second-Hand Safe

  • Has it been maintained?
  • Does the locking mechanism operate well?
  • Are all the parts present and in working order?
  • Is there any sign of damage, impact or mistreatment?
  • Does the safe come with a warranty?

Both new and used safes come with a variety of positive features. The main factor that will determine your choice will likely be your budget. But rest assured, second hand safes are still very secure and worth every cent.

Are you thinking of buying a safe for your business? Before you go any further, make sure you check out our handy tips on how to choose the ultimate safe for your business.

Lock, Stock & Farrell have been providing award-winning service to our customers for over 20 years. If you have any questions on buying a safe in Perth or on our locksmith services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.




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