The 7 Types of Locksmith Customers in Perth

The Helper - Locksmith Customer - Lock, Stock & Farrell Perth

No, this isn’t a post about how to crack a safe. And the secret to getting back in when you’re locked out is still the same – call a locksmith!

This a post about our customers. We had a chat here in the office about the types of customer we often meet. We came up with 7 different types and thought we’d share these with you for a bit of a laugh. Which one do you think you are?

1. The Helper

You have a heart of gold. There is no such a thing as too much trouble when it comes to helping us do our job. You thoughtfully pump a whole can of WD40 into the lock before we come. You selflessly help us clean the WD40 mess off our clothes and car seats. Then you hold the door so that we can’t move it. We really appreciate the glass of water and good intentions though.

2. The Watcher

Locks are fascinating. We totally agree. Watching every move we make can sometimes make us a little nervous though. Appearing from nowhere can startle us. Standing so close that we know what you had for dinner last night can be a bit uncomfortable. But we love that you’re interested in the intricacies of what we do!

The watcher locksmith customer

3. The Engineer

You are an expert in your field and you’re keen to share your expertise. Your locksmith is also a trained expert. Know what we mean? We’ve got this! You can relax. You may think we’re doing it wrong but we appreciate it when you let us finish first. It’s good to know you might be able to help us out if something doesn’t work out. Or you may learn a new trick if it does. We love comparing notes when the job’s done. Thanks for the tips, engineer!

The Engineer locksmith customer

4. The Caring Neighbour

Neighbours should be there for one another. Oops. Did we just put that tune in your head for the rest of the day? Sorry. We appreciate neighbours letting us in and out. It can be a little awkward if you ask us questions we can’t answer though. And you probably can’t stay while we’re setting up sensitive security systems.

The nosey neighbour locksmith customer

5. Mr Fix-it Man

Had a red-hot crack at fixing the lock so that our job will be easy? Good plan! Hopefully, you didn’t strip the screws and glue the lock on the door though. Or take the lock off to present us with the jumbled parts. True stories. We appreciate any help you can give us but don’t feel like you need to take risks. Walk away before you do damage if things don’t go smoothly. And keep all the parts in a container.

6. While-You’re-Here Man

Some people remember that other locks need fixing when you’re there. We often hear you say something like ‘would you mind checking the lock on the cat flap and the worn car key?’ Our days are usually chock full but we help where we can. Sometimes we can’t though and we hate to disappoint. We often wish While-You’re-Here-Man had let the scheduler know so that we had more time.

7. The Phone Lover

We understand your relationship with your phone is important. We don’t want to come between you and your phone. It’s your mum. Your bestie. Peter Bell. Lotterywest. We get it. You’re paying for the time we wait for your call to end though. We hope you understand.

The Phone Lover Locksmith Customer

Does anyone on this list seem oddly familiar? At Lock, Stock & Farrell we respect all our customers who trust and respect us in return. Whether you’re a first-time customer or calling us for the 10th time, you’ll get the same top notch service all the time. We’re a family run Perth business that aims to make your life easier and safer.




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