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The 5 Types of Lock You Need to Know About

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Although crime statistics vary throughout Perth, if you need to keep your home or business safe you should consider which locks you want to use. From those that keep specific parts of your property secure to the ones that prevent burglars from entering, there are lots to choose from.

WAS Locks

If your home relies on electricity, you’ll have a meter outside your property that determines its flow.  Also known as Western Australian Services locks, electricity boards throughout Perth sanction their use.

Using a WAS lock prevents others from accessing your meter. Electricity companies may access your meter to measure how much electricity you’re using. At the same time, thieves may also want to access it to switch off power during a burglary as a distraction technique, or to direct the flow so that it serves another property as well as yours.

As such, using a WAS lock keeps your electricity and property safe. If you choose to install a WAS lock, make sure you select an approved technician with the right expertise.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are basic. They allow you to keep your property safe by ensuring only you and anybody else who holds a key can gain access. When you turn the key in the lock, it triggers a spring that allows you to enter your home. Depending on how important security is to you, you can choose between single, double, and triple deadlocks. The stronger the lock, the less likely you are to encounter a burglary. If you lose your keys, deadbolt locks are simple for locksmiths to replace.

Keen to learn how to take a deadbolt off a door? Watch our handy how to video here.

Sliding door locks

Sliding doors are an attractive feature for any home, but they have simple latches that are easy to break through. As such, they require a specific type of lock so you can enjoy their aesthetic benefits without worrying about security. Specialised locks for sliding doors usually remain concealed, which means there’s less chance of a burglar identifying it, jigging it, and making their way into your house.

Smart locks

As a city that expats worldwide flock to, Perth has a quality of life index of 95%. While this may lead you to feel as though it’s a safe place to live, those who want to target properties will aim for areas of affluence.

You need to ensure your home benefits from the most robust locks available. Unlike standard locks, smart locks integrate features such as only allowing entry to your property using an authorised mobile phone app.

In addition to adding a savvy layer of security, it’s great for those who forget their keys or lock themselves out. With the right lock, you can give remote access to a friend or family member, allowing them to enter your home with your permission, even when you’re not there.

Digital locks

From hospitals through to organisations that hold a lot of money on site, many businesses require strict security. Using a digital lock, you can provide staff with key fobs, cards, and codes that activate it.

As a result, those without access can’t move between or into secure areas, allowing you to provide privacy to customers and protection for precious goods. Unlike old-fashioned locks, they rely on a motor that will only respond to its programmed mode of access. Should someone lose their fob or card, you can deactivate it remotely, allowing the lock to remain safe again.

When choosing a lock, consider what your property needs, which type makes you feel more secure, and whether you feel comfortable with using it. If an advanced system appeals to you, but you’re worrying about whether you can use it, you can always ask the locksmith installing it to explain how it works. No matter what you do, your property should remain secure.

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