Gainsborough Lock Stuck? How to DIY Trilock Spring Replacement

Is your Gainsborough Trilock door not locking and latching? It is a pretty common problem when you find the lock is not springing back and it can easily be fixed with a new spring in less than 5 minutes. Watch our video or read the transcription below to learn how: How to replace a Gainsborough … Read more

Lost Mailbox Key? How to get a Replacement

What should you do if you have lost your letterbox key? Some people think you need to replace the lock if you can’t find your letter box key. The good news is that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you are able to quickly get a replacement key, which will save you time and money. … Read more

Key broken in lock? Oh snap!

When the key snaps off in the lock, you can find yourself in a bit of a jam. What if you can’t even lock the door? How can you leave the house or office like that? Don’t panic – it’s possible that you can extract the broken part from the lock yourself. Then if you … Read more

Chipolo – Bluetooth Key Finder

Chipolo Bluetooth Key Finders - Lock Stock and Farrell Perth

Chipolo lets you find your keys through the Bluetooth on your phone. When you can’t find your keys, there are lots of things you can do. You can tear your hair out, grind your teeth, say a lot of four-letter words, or just lie down and cry. But with Chipolo, all you have to do … Read more




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