Why You Should Change the Locks on Your House Today

Change the Locks on Your House Today
So you’ve bought a new house or you’re ready to move in, and you’re excited to get in and set up – but wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, you’ve signed the papers, everything is settled, paid, and packed up. You have the keys to your new beauty, what’s the wait?

Who else have keys or the access pin codes? And how many times have those locks been used, forced, pushed, jammed, picked, or the keys copied or lent out?

Do yourself, your family and all your belongings a favour and change the locks on your house. Here’s why you need to do it today:

Peace of Mind

If nothing else, you’ll sleep more soundly tonight. Nothing is worse than sleeping in your new home after moving house, feeling relieved that the work is over, then thinking you hear a noise outside, and realising – those are the original locks, and who else has the keys to those locks?

Entryways and Garages
How many entries does your house have? Doors, windows, garages, cellars, gated entries, and cubbies can all have locks. Make sure you change the locks and bolts on all entries to the house and rooms. We have locks, deadlocks, and bolts for every entryway you need and we will install them for you. Call us for an appointment, and we are available in emergencies also!

Who May Have Your Keys?

Even with a new house or a settled house, lots of people may have copies of “your” new keys. Contractors, movers, electricians, realtors, inspectors, neighbours, designers, agents, developers, anyone formerly involved with the house may have a copy of the keys if the house is new.

Former owners may have given keys to friends, neighbours, family, co-workers, sitters, nannies, anyone. Neighbourhood kids may have shared their keys or codes with their friends or copied them as pranks. If the house is not new and they have a lockbox or spare key hidden on the property, or if there was a burglary at any time, better safe than sorry – change the locks as soon as you can.

Be Safe About Your Security Details

When you move house or buy a new house, be careful who you share your information with. Burglars and unsavoury types scour social media and message forums looking for ways to score hits on new places that may have less security – like homes with old locks, unarmed security systems, and too much-unsecured information on Facebook profiles. Social media sites like Facebook can be a goldmine for people looking to stir up trouble – be careful what photos you post online of your home, your plans, holidays, and especially information on when and where you are travelling. It’s not just your family that is interested in that information – thieves are also.

Protect Your Property – Change Your Locks

Reports say that crime surged in Perth in 2015 – stay safe and protect your home and your loved ones by getting new secure locks, and consider an access control system for your business as well. Ask us how our products and services can protect your property from an attempted burglary or theft.

Hire a Professional Locksmith

Rather than trying to do it yourself, hire a professional locksmith to change the locks for you – locks come in different sizes and styles. Get a lock that doesn’t “fit in the hole” correctly and it won’t lock properly, leaving you, your family and your business at risk and the lock useless. You may be trying to save money by doing it yourself, but if you get the wrong lock and it doesn’t work properly, or it doesn’t fit right and the unthinkable happens – isn’t it worth the price of a locksmith to do it right? Save yourself the stress and hassle – here is how much hiring a Perth locksmith will generally cost you. We break it down for you price by price.

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

Whether you’ve lost the keys, have an emergency, moved house, had a burglary, or any number of situations – Lock, Stock & Farrell is available 7 days a week. Give us a call on 08 6350 8500.





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