6 Tips to Make Sure You Never Lock Yourself Out of the House Again

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Locking yourself out of your home can be more than embarrassing and awkward, it can also be dangerous. Particularly if you’ve left the oven on or the kids are inside! The stress and inconvenience of locking yourself out — not to mention the time and trouble taken to get yourself back inside again — make taking precautions against this happening a wise investment that everyone should consider.

Yes, we are a commercial and residential locksmith here in Perth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are hoping that you lock yourself out so you call us. We genuinely want to help make your life easier and your possessions safe and secure in your home.

So what are some tips from a professional Perth locksmith on how to prevent being locked out of your house?

Know where your keys are

Sounds obvious but this is an excellent first step. Make it a habit to always be aware of where your keys are. Don’t just throw the keys anywhere when you walk in the door. Chances are that you’ll forget to take them with you. Make sure you put them in a special, easily accessible place that you walk past before you leave the house. An example may be always placing them on a hook at head height that you pass on the way to the front door.

Develop handy memory habits

Should you find yourself forgetting items such as keys, wallets and purses, it may help to teach yourself some memory tricks to practice before you leave the house. These may include always checking to see if you have your wallet, phone and keys with you before you leave the house. By getting into this habit every day, you should find that it is almost impossible to lock yourself outside the house.

Another handy tip is starting to say things out loud. You may sound a little crazy, but saying ‘I’ve got my keys’ or ‘I’ve locked the door’ will help actions stick in your memory and this also helps those who suffer anxiety about whether or not they locked the house.

Keep your keys in your hand

How many times have you left the house only to forget something, then run back in to get it, and realise that you have left your keys on the table when you came back out? You can break this habit by making it a rule to always keep your keys in your hand as you rush in and out for a brief moment. Resist the temptation to put them down somewhere in your haste.

Distribute spare keys

Locking yourself out of the house can be a drag, however, by taking pre-emptive steps you can make this less of a problem. One way is to distribute spare keys amongst trusted family, friends and neighbours. Getting back into your house is just a phone call, or stroll down the street, away. You may also consider keeping a spare key at work or in your car as insurance against being locked out of house and home.

Keyless digital locks

Have you thought of trying digital locks? These locks are secure and convenient and easily installed by a qualified locksmith. The locks allow for a range of user codes to be installed, meaning you won’t have to rely on your key to enter into your house.

Wall mounted spare key storage

Hiding a spare key somewhere outside the house always runs the risk of making it easy for thieves to find and therefore use to access your house. However, that problem is easily overcome with a wall-mounted key safe. The spare key can be kept in these robust storage containers to give you a safe, coded option to get back into your home.

While locking yourself out of your house is one of life’s great mini emergencies — and something we’ve all done more times than we care to admit — a little common sense and pre-planning should make this scenario a less likely occurrence. However, if the worst comes to the worst make sure the number of the local locksmith is on your phone (6350 8500). This will save time and inconvenience and help you get entry to your home faster.

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