6 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Locksmith Rekey Your Home ASAP


Rekeying a lock involves changing the existing coding in your locks to different sizes, providing a new key and preventing any previous keys from working in the lock. While some homeowners may think to replace the locks on their home is the best way to increase security, rekeying is a completely safe option and usually comes with a far reduced financial cost compared to the full replacement of locks.

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There are many situations that make rekeying your home a great option to bolster your home security. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider rekeying your home today.

1. After Purchasing a New Home

One of the first things every new homeowner should do after purchasing a home is rekeying their locks. While your home is being built, keys will be handed to multiple contractors which severely reduces the security of your home. This is just as important if you are purchasing the property from previous residents, as they would have multiple copies of the home key which could be in the hands of complete strangers.

Make a note of the importance and urgency of rekeying your home as soon as you move into your new property. Have professional locksmiths visit your home to assess your locks and give you an indication of the best way to secure your home.

2. You’ve Lost Your Keys

Losing your keys can cause a range of issues made worse if you don’t have access to a spare key. If your keys have been misplaced, stolen or even lent to someone but never returned, it might be time to rekey your locks. When someone has access to your keys and knows the location of your property, it becomes an easy target to burgle. Be proactive and get your local residential locksmith to visit your home and rekey your locks now. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Following A Break-In

If you’ve recently had a break-in at your property, it’s important to have your locks rekeyed as soon as possible. Even if burglars entered through a window opening or forced entry, they could have taken a spare key, even one you may have forgotten about. The safest option to ensure the security of your home after a break-in is to have your locks rekeyed. Specialised locksmiths such as Lock, Stock & Farrell offer a 7-Day emergency service so no matter the day or time, your home will stay safe.

4. Faulty or Broken Locks

If you have a lock that is causing a headache, being faulty or temperamental, it may be time to take the lock off the door and have it rekeyed in-store. Unfortunately, locks don’t just fix themselves over time. The longer you continue to use the faulty lock, the quicker it will deteriorate until it eventually stops working completely. You don’t want to end up locked outside your own home on a busy day. Get your lock rekeyed today before the problem gets worse.

5. Standardising Locks

Tired of needing to have a keyring full of keys to every lock in your home?

One of the biggest benefits of rekeying the locks in your home is that you can standardise all locks to work with the same key. This makes it overly convenient, giving you’re the ability to lock and unlock any area of your home with a single unified key.

6. Change of Residents

If you’ve had a change of roommates or have a partner that has recently moved out of your home, it’s a smart idea to have your locks rekeyed. This will keep your home safe if previous home residents have kept the key or made copies you are unaware of.

Rekeying your locks is ideal for most locking mechanisms. However, if your locks are old, faded or just simply no longer suit the design of your home, it may be worth purchasing new domestic locks instead of rekeying. If you’re looking to upgrade your home security, contact the Lock, Stock & Farrell team today on (08) 6350 8500.




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