Lost Car Keys? How to get a Replacement

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If you’ve lost your car keys, had them stolen, or even locked them in your car, give us a call and we can help you out! We can also help you out if your transponder chip has been lost or damaged on your key, or if your remote is no longer working.

 We also supply cut, and program spare keys, and can offer genuine or aftermarket options for most cars.

So, if you’re looking for a “car locksmith near me,” look no further! We take car security very seriously here at Lock, Stock & Farrell, so please drop us a line or give us a call on (08) 6350 8500 and we will endeavour to answer all your questions.

Here are some tips on making the process of getting your new replacement car keys easier:

Get Your Vehicle’s VIN

You’re going to need your Vehicle Identification Number in pretty much every key replacement or repair situation. Get this number ahead of time to save yourself some stress. And if you’re reading this before you’ve lost your key, keep a copy of the VIN in a place other than your car in case you lock it in!

Confirm Your Car’s Make/Model/Year

When it comes to key replacement, accuracy is key (pun intended). Keys can vary in an impressively wide range. Even two model variations of the same car could have a completely different key setup.

You want to be sure you have the specifics on your vehicle before you phone a locksmith. That way, they’ll be much more accurate in getting you the right key. Write all these details down and keep a copy in your purse and at the house/office.

Get a Second Backup Key

This tip can be used as both a preventative step as well as a response to a loss. In any case, having a backup key is always a really, really good idea. It prevents you from having a completely disabled car. And you’ll thank yourself for preparing ahead of time.

If you already have the locksmith making you a new key and it’s your only copy, we recommend asking to have another copy made as a backup. That way, you won’t be completely at a loss should you lose your key again.

Lock, Stock & Farrell: Ready to Help You

If you find yourself without your keys here in Perth, Lock, Stock & Farrell is ready to help. We provide key replacements for a broad range of makes, models, and years. This includes several options for older vehicles all the way up to the most advanced cars out on the road today.

Whether you need a new transponder, recoding, ECU resetting, or anything in between, we’re ready to help. Don’t let your lost key ruin your day! Contact us today or phone 08 6350 8500 to get prompt and courteous assistance right when you need it.




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