EVVA 4KS Master Key System Available in Perth!


133 billion possible key combinations.

You read that right, 133 billion! Are you looking for a master key system that gives you maximum intrusion resistance and flexibility?

At Lock, Stock & Farrell we have the new 4KS restricted system! We are one of only a few select locksmiths in Australia to be partnered with EVVA, installing the EVVA 4KS Master Key System in WA.

So if you are looking for unbeatable security and reliability for your office or worksite, whether you are located in the Perth CBD or somewhere in the Gibson Desert – we can help!

The 4KS cylinder active operation design means 4KS will outperform all others in challenging environments be they dirty, dusty or salty.

How restricted is the 4KS system?

Patent protected until 2035 the restricted master key system from EVVA, 4KS is only available through a select national dealer network.

Can the 4KS system be picked, bumped or drilled?

  • 4KS is virtually pick proof. This is because of the complexity of the 12 sliders alignment.
  • Due to the unique 4KS design, making a bump key is virtually impossible. Furthermore, the distribution of the key blank is very tightly controlled.
  • The sliders (locking pins) are made from carbide. There are also additional anti-drill pins strategically placed in the cylinder.

Do the 4KS keys break easily?

The 4KS key is manufactured from high-grade nickel silver and is extremely difficult to damage or break. The unique design ensures the key is not weakened regardless of the location of the cuts.

Is the 4KS system manufactured to a standard?

Yes, the system is manufactured to Australian Standard approved Sc8 AS4145.2.

EVVA 4KS is also SCEC approved, SL3 rated products. 

Lock, Stock & Farrell are SCEC endorsed to install these locks onto secure government buildings also we are vetted and cleared to attend secure government areas.

Can the 4KS system be fitted to my existing locks?

Yes, the 4KS master key system is extremely adaptable, 4KS cylinders suit almost any lock or door, including those of other leading brands.

Are there different keys cut for different levels of security?

The 4KS master key system has the ability to create a hierarchy of keys to suit the requirements of very large sites. 4KS is designed to provide a highly complex multi-level master key system that can be scaled for future expansion as needed.

If you have any further questions or would like a quote for the installation of your 4KS system on your building or site, give our highly experienced and reliable team a call to upgrade your security today.




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