7 Security Measures for Your Home in 2022

Security Measures for Your Home

According to the Western Australian Police Force, around 43,462 crimes against property have occurred during the 2021-22 YTD period. While this is a 4.5% reduction based on the 5-year average, those living in Perth still face a significant risk of burglary.

If you want to keep your home safe, here are seven home security measures you should consider this year and in the years moving forward..

Have your home rekeyed

When you move into a new house, having your home rekeyed prevents previous tenants or builders/tradies from entering and accessing your goods. Rekeying ensures only those who live in your household can gain access. If you’re a landlord renting your property out, take the same approach. Doing so ensures those who made copies of your keys can’t re-enter without your permission.

Security screens for windows

Security screens act as an extra barrier between glass windows and potential intruders. Usually, they feature aluminium, which is aesthetically pleasing and challenging to break. Even if you have double glazing, security screens add an extra layer of protection. Would-be burglars are usually aware of weak points in glass, which means they can still gain access through force.

Automatic/sensor lighting installations

When you’re travelling away from home, one of the key indicators that nobody is in your house is a lack of lighting. Automatic or sensor lights encourage lamps to turn on at random, giving the impression that someone is in the house. If a criminal is observing for human activity, random lighting may cause them to believe that someone is present even when they aren’t, deterring them from trying to gain entry.

If you have a smart home, you can in fact turn lights on and off from an app on your phone.

Not leaving your car in the drive

While this is a tricky approach to maintaining home security, asking a friend or family member to move your car from the drive periodically has the same effect as automatic lighting. Allowing your car to remain stationary while you’re away from home alerts robbers to the fact that nobody is present. However, you should only try this if you trust the person you’re leaving your car keys with. As an additional perk, moving your car prevents vehicle theft too.

Choosing the right type of lock

Few Perth homeowners are aware that different locks provide varying levels of security. For example, if you opt for a smart lock, you’ll make sure you and others can only access your home with the use of a smartphone device. Unlike standard locks, they’re challenging to pick, providing optimal home security levels. It’s also worth noting that different locks are available for different doors. As such, you should consider consulting a professional, like a locksmith, who can recommend the best ones for the entry points at your property.

Consider using a safe

Even with stellar approaches to home security, there’s always a risk that someone will break in. By using a safe, you have a robust place to keep cash, expensive electronics, and other valuables. Should you use a safe alongside a burglar alarm, the sound of the alarm will deter the robber from taking time to try and break in anyway, keeping your most precious items secure. Should you choose to use a safe, be sure to use random numbers to lessen the risk of someone guessing your lock code.

Don’t announce your travel plans

Once again, being away from home is a major risk factor for break ins if you don’t take the right approach to your adventures. Before going away on holiday, try to limit the number of people you announce your plans to. While most are trustworthy enough to not use this information for nefarious purposes, if word gets around, you may present a golden opportunity to someone who wants to break in.

Home security doesn’t always have to be challenging. Through a combination of common sense and robust external measures, your home will remain safe, even when you’re not there.

If you need advice on how to make your home more secure, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today – we want to make Perth a safer place for everyone!




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